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Cleveland CG Black Fairway Woods Review

Overview -

With a sleek and striking look, the CG Black fairway wood is one of the lightest fairway woods on the market to help players produce measurable increases in swing speed and distance with the same swing effort. The advanced aerodynamics of Speed Crown Design – an innovative, teardrop-inspired crown profile – also maximize distance by reducing drag at all angles of airflow during the swing. A high-density weight screw at the rear of the sole plate positions the center of gravity lower and deeper to promote a high, draw-biased trajectory with optimal launch conditions for effortless distance. The CG Black fairway wood features a Miyazaki C. Kua 39 Limited Edition graphite shaft – from the worldwide leader in ultralite graphite shaft technology – and a Golf Pride Ultralite grip, a combination that decreases overall club weight for faster swing speed.

Key Technologies -

The club is 10 grams lighter than Cleveland’s FL woods. A lightweight Miyazaki graphite shaft, lightweight grip and aerodynamic “Speed Crown” are designed to help golfers generate faster swing speeds. The stainless steel head’s center of gravity is lower and more rearward to produce a high trajectory.

Player Comments -

“I’d feel very good about going for a par 5 in two with this club.” . . . “The ball launches high with low spin. Sits on the ground really nice, too.”

“In terms of turf interaction, this fairway wood acts like a hybrid; it cuts right through the turf without a glitch. Even when I hit it off the ground, it felt like I was hitting it off a tee.”

Pros -

  • Playability: Higher ball flight than normal; the sole glides across the turf, making it versatile from tight and uneven lies; a handful of guys find it fairly easy to shape in both directions.
  • Accuracy/Forgiveness: Misses don’t stray too far off-line; some testers find that they can’t miss it to the right, a plus for slicers.
  • Distance: Respectable length on off-center hits and poorer swings.
  • Feel: Light shaft is easy to swing; dense, persimmon-like feel at impact.
  • Look: All-black, stealth-like appearance evokes a feeling of confidence and aggressiveness.

Cons -

Long, lightweight shaft forces some testers to ease off the gas, making it difficult to get best results; ball flight is too high for some guys, and can be a detriment when playing in the wind.

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