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Nike VR-S Fairway Woods Review

Overview/Technology -

The Nike VR S Fairway Wood allows you to accelerate your way to distance with Tour-proven performance. ‘S’ stands for Speed! Every single area of the fairway has been designed has been tweaked for more of it! Advanced NexCOR face technology and an aerodynamic design delivers more speed off the face for more distance off the fairway. Nexcor face Technology and -L-Face Technology provide more power while the M.D.T with Power “Ninja” Core keep it powerful yet light.

The fairway head has been shaped and sculpted using ’360° air flow’ optimal aerodynamics technology. This ensures that the air moves quickly and cleanly over the club head, with the minimum resistance, on every swing.

Nike VR-S Fairway Woods Review Video -

Player Comments -

“Exceptionally forgiving because of its sole design. Instead of dragging four inches of club with you, you’re only bringing a little bit.”

“A springy feel all across the face.” . . . “Feel was informative, but still forgiving. I knew it was a mis-hit, but it still traveled far.”

“A notable technological entry, but it gets special marks for moving the lower weld line off the face for better low-face impact. That’s where most of us hit our fairway woods – Smart”

Summary -

Nike have therefore moved the weld that joins the face and body of the club and positioned in on the sole to create ‘L-Face Technology’, giving you extra speed and distance even on your mis-hit shots. The Nike VRS Fairway wood is a revolutionary design that will transform your game!

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